Global AWAREness Raising Initiative


You Have Been Hugged!


AWARE has gone global with its mission of sending hugs across the globe. We want people to know they are loved and to love others. Trauma is real and recovery is probable. Save a friend, hold space, spread awareness, and connect with others.

Join our team in spreading awareness. Humans need love right now. Communities are hurting and we all need to spread awareness that it is possible to heal.

Join our mission by receiving a big hug from the team at AWARE, and join our efforts to spread awareness about suicide prevention and TraumaAWAREness.

Ask about how to bring suicide as a language of pain support groups to you.

Did you know? AWARE is Helping Humans HEAL

20-Seconds Hug

When you receive a hug, your brain releases a chemical called oxytocin. This chemical is proven to reduce inflammation in the body, slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and improve your mood.

Hugging for longer than 20 seconds gives your body enough time for your brain to release this chemical. The more often your brain releases this chemical and practices using it, the easier it'll be to handle stress in the future.

Suicide as a Language of Pain

More than 700,000 people die by suicide every year. Furthermore, for each suicide, there are more than 20 suicide attempts. Suicides and suicide attempts have a ripple effect that impacts families, friends, colleagues, communities, and societies. Suicides are preventable.

Suicide is messy for all involved. Who better to support survivors than survivors. SLOP gives survivors a place where they can find healing and support.


In June 2022, AWARE brought FREE HUGS to Portland, Oregon!

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